The symposium aims to be a regular retreat for PhD students in any ecological discipline. The symposium provides a great opportunity for students carrying out their thesis in a Catalan research centre to share and receive valuable feedback, on both their ecological work and presentation skills. The symposium will also be a space to network and socialize with other students and seniors.

A panel of three prominent ecologists will evaluate oral presentations in a relaxed and constructive atmosphere. These researchers will also give a plenary talk during the symposium. We are happy to announce Hanna Kokko (University of Zurich), Fernando Valladares (MNCN-CSIC, Madrid) and Rohan Arthur (Nature Conservation Foundation, India) as the evaluators and keynote speakers for this first edition.



     Hanna Kokko         Fernando Valladares       Rohan Arthur


A scientific committee will select a maximum of 12 oral presentations. The first best presentation will be awarded with the registration fee for attending an international ecological meeting to be held during 2020 in Europe (up to 400€). The second and third best presentations will also be awarded with vouchers for ecological books (up to 150€ each). Registration is free. All students and seniors should register to attend the symposium. CEAB will offer catering during coffee breaks and lunch, so it is important to know the number of attendants for optimal logistics.


Important dates

  • 20 May:           Start of abstract submission/ Start of registration
  • 15 July:           Deadline for abstract submission
  • 30 July:           Deadline for registration/ Notification of presentation selection
  • 3-4 October:   The ΣPhD symposium



Details of the symposium


Please send your name, position and affiliation to, as well as your intention to give an oral presentation (see below). Confirm also whether you will attend the first day of the meeting, when lunch will be offered to all attendants. Remember that deadline for registration is July 30th. If you register and later on you have some reason not to attend, please let us know.

Abstract submissions

Only students that have not yet submitted their PhD thesis can participate. Please send your abstract to (preferable pdf files). Do not forget to include a title, your name and affiliation and a summary of no more than 350 words. Please also include in which year your PhD thesis is actually running. Remember that deadline for abstract submission is July 15th. The scientific committee will select 12 abstracts for presentations.

Oral presentations

Presentations will last 15 minutes + 10 minutes for questions from the evaluators. We ask you to stick on time because timing will be a criterion to evaluate your presentation! Other criteria will be:

  • Organization of the talk and aim of the study
  • Scientific contents, particularly conceptual background and conclusions
  • Voice and body language
  • Visual aids, especially large readable and brief text, clear graphs, good balance between text and images.

In addition to questions, evaluators will fill a simple file with a qualification and some advice for improving your presentations. Keep in mind that the symposium (oral presentations, questions and plenary talks) will run in English.


The symposium will take place in Blanes. Details about how to get CEAB are at:

Scientific committee

Frederic Bartumeus, David Alonso, Meritxell Genovart, Mikel Becerro and Daniel Oro


Provisional schedule

Day 1, October 3rd:

09.00h –09.30h: Reception and welcome “About being and becoming an ecologist”

09.30h – 11.00h: Four speed talks 15 minutes + 10 minutes questions

11.00h – 11.30h: Coffee break (free for all registered participants)

11.30h – 13.10h: Four speed talks 15 minutes + 10 minutes questions

13.15h – 15.00h: Lunch at CEAB (free for all registered participants)

15.00h – 16.40h: Four speed talks 15 minutes + 10 minutes questions

Deliberation time (only for the jury)

Day 2, October 4th:

09.30h – 10.15h: Plenary talk I, 35 minutes + 10 minutes questions

10.15h – 11.00h: Plenary talk II

11.00h – 11.30h: Coffee break

11.30h – 12.15h: Plenary talk III

12.15h – 12.45h: Delivery of awards