Theorical and computational ecology laboratory

Our research is focused in the emerging field of movement ecology, which aims to reveal the complex forces that drive movement and dispersal patterns of animals (including humans). Improved tracking technology (GPS, bio-loggers, smart-phones) demands an integrative view, with new computational tools and modeling frameworks to understand unprecedented levels of detail from a constantly growing number of species.

Latest publications

  • enlisting citizens-scientists in the war on tiger mosquitoes.

    Chaper 22, pp. 295–308. In: European Handbook of Crowdsourced Geographic Information. Eds. Capineri, C. et al. (Ubiquity Press).

    Oltra A, Palmer JRB, Bartumeus F

  • Expectation-Maximization Binary Clustering for Behavioural Annotation.

    PLoS ONE 11(3):e0151984

    Garriga J, Palmer JRB, Oltra A, Bartumeus F 2016.